Saturday, December 13, 2008

Loss of a friend, gain of a new one

My trusty Casio exslim has met a sad end... its lens won't deploy anymore.  I think this is because on Thursday, I bought a new camera through which is arriving on Tuesday. The new camera is pink, a Pentax 8MP pretty nice camera I got for 90$!  I'm looking forward to its arrival, but I will miss my Casio, who has seen me through my honeymoon and through many other wonderful days of my life.

*cues When Will I Hold You Again*

(I get super emotional when electronics die, and don't get me started when stuffed animals get thrown away... I can't do it)

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Andrea said...

Sorry to hear about your camera!
I also have an electronics "graveyard", you might say, full of electronics I couldn't bring myself to say goodbye to. Although I must admit, I think most of them still work.

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